Covenant of Mayors Board urges green COVID-19 recovery

The European Covenant of Mayors board issued an open letter on 5 May calling on the European Commission to place the Green Deal at the core of recovery efforts. The letter stresses that the current health crisis “…should not be misused as a pretext for delaying urgent climate action, but instead be used as an opportunity to shape systemic change.” Towns, cities and regions are “on the frontlines” in managing the virus and its effects. At the same time, they cannot afford to lose sight of the climate emergency or weaken their efforts towards the energy transition. The letter states that the local level must therefore receive adequate support for sustainable recovery efforts. Featured examples include the Climate Alliance City of Ghent’s Relaunch Taskforce, which is developing short and long term measures with a focus on the city’s most vulnerable residents. In their letter, the Covenant of Mayors Board go on to flag the importance of cooperation between all levels of government and European solidarity in shaping a resilient future post-COVID-19.

The Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy is a movement of more than 10,000 local authorities throughout Europe and beyond. Xesco Gomar Martín, Deputy President of the Province of Barcelona, represents Climate Alliance on the Covenant of Mayors – Europe Board. The 30-year old city network has helped manage and shape the Covenant of Mayors since the initiative’s founding in 2008.

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