COP25 in Madrid and now?

Seldom have observers been so united in their assessment of the results of a UN Climate Conference: the COP25 in Madrid under Chile's presidency did not bring any progress in the implementation of the Paris Agreement. And this despite the fact that there has never been so much pressure from outside: the scientific findings are increasingly comprehensive and precise, the changes visible and the “Fridays for Future” louder than ever before.

Part of the problem lies within the Paris Agreement, which allows each country to set its own climate reduction targets. Therefore one of the most important discussions in Madrid was about criteria for emissions trading.

It is therefore of the utmost importance that actors with ambitious targets are supported in their efforts. Above all, cities, municipalities and regions continue to be a driving force for the implementation of their climate protection goals and need the support of both the national and EU level. Similarly, indigenous peoples and their lands must receive greater recognition and support for their efforts to preserve their territories and sustainable lifestyles.

In a final declaration, representatives of the city networks have therefore expressed their support for close cooperation at the different political levels. It is clearer than ever- we need every actor on board of the energy transition to fight against climate change! For small-and medium sized municipalities, we are now launching our Climate Compass tool with new features. It allows for an easy and quick overview over where your municipality stands and inspires with existing projects. With the new features, you can easily see the link to the SDGs and examine which activities in your municipality contribute to which SGD! Create your account and start with sustainable resolutions into the new  year!

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