Climate emergency in municipalities – German climate impact assessment tool available for download

An Excel-based tool for the determination of the climate impact of municipal proposals is now available for download of the Climate Alliance website. Numerous municipalities have declared a climate emergency over the last year and have since been faced with the challenge of understanding the climate relevance of their resolutions. This is exactly where the climate impact assessment comes in: the tool makes it easy to examine municipal projects based on their climate impact, from the initial idea to the draft resolution. 

The tool takes a two-step approach: preliminary assessment and main assessment. The first stage serves to determine whether the project in question is climate-relevant at all and whether it should be more carefully examined with regard to its climate impact. The main assessment then determines which fields of action are most affected and to what extent. Based on this, municipalities can define options for action and, if necessary, alternatives.

The climate impact assessment was developed in cooperation with the ifeu Institute as part of the German National Climate Protection Initiative project “Climate Action Management in Public Projects (KöP)”. Version 2.0 of the tool for German municipalities can now be downloaded free of charge.

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