Climate Alliance Switzerland further strengthens local climate action

Climate Alliance Switzerland launched the Climate and Energy Charter of the cities and municipalities at the end of May. By ratifying this Charter, Swiss cities and municipalities are sending a strong signal. Signatories recognise climate change as one of the greatest global challenges and acknowledge Switzerland’s special responsibility in this context.

Climate Alliance Switzerland, together with Swiss cities and municipalities, has developed the Climate and Energy Charter and administers it on a provisional basis. The Charter is also intended to serve as a guide for climate action on a local level. It focuses on four main objectives: 100% renewable energy without greenhouse gas emissions, efficient energy use, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from consumption, and monitoring of the achievements of these objectives.

Swiss cities and municipalities can ratify the Charter with a resolution of the municipal or city council. No formal signature or act of accession is envisaged. Interested cities and municipalities can submit the decision of their executive bodies to the Swiss office of the Charter by post or e-mail at info(at)

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