Climate Alliance supports global climate strike on 15 September 2023

On September 15, 2023, the next global climate strike will take place and Climate Alliance will again act as an official supporter.

Forest fires, water shortages, drought: humanity finds itself in the midst of a climate crisis. This summer, the crisis is affecting all of us right on our doorsteps - and those with limited means are being hit the hardest. Together with Fridays for Future, we will take to the streets to phase out coal, gas and oil more quickly, implements a fundamental mobility turnaround, alleviates the burden on low-income individuals and increased support for countries of the Global South!

Join the Fridays for Future climate strike on 15 September 2023! It will take continued pressure from all of us on the streets to demand action from the government. All information on the climate strike, available materials and planned demonstrations can be found online.

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