Photo: Nicholas Doherty via Unsplash


Climate Alliance project CEESEU honoured with Emerging Europe Award

The CEESEU project to promote sustainable energy in Central and Eastern Europe was awarded the best regional collaboration initiative at the Emerging Europe Awards in Brussels (BE) on 23 June. The Regional Collaboration category is open to organisations that have implemented successful projects in the emerging countries of Europe aiming at creating a shared agenda on a local, national, regional and global level, sharing knowledge, experience and best practice, smart city development and encouraging collaboration with international organisations and with other parts of the world.

CEESEU supports administrations in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) to build capacity, thereby promoting higher energy efficiency, clean energy, lower carbon emissions and better adaptability to climate change. CEESEU brings together 11 partners from 10 CEE countries. Climate Alliance is responsible for evaluating the development and implementation of SECAPs and supports training activities for local and regional authorities in CEE countries on the SECAP process.

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