Climate Alliance mourns the death of board member Robinson López Descanse

Robinson López Descanse, Climate Alliance Vice-President and Coordinator for Climate Change and Biodiversity of COICA, died on 21 August as a result of a coronavirus infection in his native Colombia.

López Descanse was a representative of the Inga people and was born in the protected area of Chaluayaco in the municipality of Villagarzon Putyumayo, Colombia. He was involved in his community from an early age, having held various positions within the structure of the reserve. He presided over legal proceedings in defence of the territorial, social and cultural rights of the Inga people, served as the political leader of the "Minga of Resistance" for the rights of indigenous peoples of Putumayo, was the Human Rights and Peace Commissioner of the National Organisation of Indigenous Peoples of the Colombian Amazon (OPIAC) and Commissioner of Rights before the National Commission for the Human Rights of the Indigenous Peoples of Colombia (CNDDHHPIC). Robinson López Descanse was a member of the Climate Alliance Board since 2018 and was elected COICA Coordinator for Climate Change and Biodiversity in the same year.

With the death of Robinson López Descanse, we and the Amazon rainforest have lost an important and dynamic champion of indigenous rights, the environment and climate protection. Robinson López Descanse’s passing has undoubtedly left a large void.

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