Climate Alliance members and the Committee of the Regions - In dialogue on adaptation

Working group on adaptation discusses EU adaptation strategy with key EU representatives

Brussels / Frankfurt am Main, 3 November 2016. Climate Alliance's Working Group on Adaptation took advantage of October's 2016 International Conference in Krems, Austria to hold its second face to face meeting since the launch of the working group last year. The European Adaptation Strategy and its review, due in 2017, ranked high on the agenda. Climate Alliance has a direct say in the process thanks to collaboration with Sirpa Hertell, city councilor of the Finnish City of Espoo. Hertell, in charge of drafting an opinion for the European Committee of the Regions (CoR) on the 2013 EU adaptation strategy review, has designated Climate Alliance as her main advisor on the matter.

During the Working Group in Krems, Hertell was joined by Giuliana Torta of the European Commission, who provided working group members with more details about the Commission's review plans for the strategy. Torta also underlined the involvement of local authorities in the process, particularly through networks like Climate Alliance.

Members of the working group made use of the opportunity to enter into a direct dialogue with representatives of European institutions to voice their suggestions for the review of the adaptation strategy. Calling for increased European support in raising awareness on the need to take action on adaptation, they cited municipal administrative staff, local politicians and the public as key target groups. They also advocated for improved cooperation between different levels of government.

Practical exchanges on concrete adaptation measures that Climate Alliance members are already implementing followed the high-level exchanges with the EU representatives. Rainer Kapp of the City of Stuttgart presented his experience with urban heat islands and Mayor Hans-Joachim Kosubek shared the conclusions of the City of Worms' own adaptation strategy. From a mayor's perspective, Kosubek gave valuable advice to the group on how to involve local political leaders in taking action on adaptation to climate change.

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