Climate Alliance in dialogue with indigenous peoples on the value of renewable energies

On 18 June, representatives of Climate Alliance coordinated a workshop promoting renewable energy resources amongst indigenous peoples in Macapá, Brazil. "The sun, the wind, waterways - indigenous peoples have long relied on these resources for their livelihoods. Looking to them for energy as well gives communities new access to energy and can bring unparalleled benefits in terms of health, family wellbeing and quality of life," emphasised Thomas Brose, Executive Director of Climate Alliance. Energy independence, the impacts of climate change on the Amazon and the role of indigenous peoples in rainforest protection all featured high on the agenda. A Climate Alliance delegation of eight including board members Rainer Handlfinger und Ronald van Meygaarden is currently in Macapá coordinating various meetings for the 2nd Congress of Indigenous Women of the Amazon, the 4th Amazonian summit and the COICA Congress, all taking place back to back from 18 to 22 June with over 300 participants from across Amazonia. A total of 17 young indigenous adults from four countries are supporting the Climate Alliance Team in its documentation of the week's events. Yesterday’s workshop was organised in collaboration with the Instituto Socioambiental, COICA and the WWF and was made possible within the framework of the EU funded project, Power to Change.

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