Climate Alliance helps launch European City Facility

A new resource has been unveiled to support municipal actors in developing investment concepts for climate and energy action plans. The so-called EU City Facility (EUCF) was launched yesterday at the close of the Covenant of Mayors Investment Forum in Brussels in the presence of over 600 participants. Armed with a €60,000 grant and technical support via capacity-building activities, the facility will empower local authorities to transform their plans into real investments.

Cities are under increasing pressure to make use of innovative financing schemes while the financial engineering itself gets more and more complex. The EUCF helps counter these hurdles with a streamlined application process and experts in each EU Member State for tailored technical support in municipalities’ respective national languages. The facility will also encourage the bundling of projects and blending of funds to help smaller municipalities access funding.

Climate Alliance will be working with project partners Energy Cities, Fedarene, Adelphi and Enviros to coordinate applications. The first call will be launched in May with a webinar on how to apply slated for 7 April.

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