Climate Alliance established alliance to strengthen the regional value chain of wood

Together with eleven partners from five Alpine regions, Climate Alliance has founded the Low Carbon Timber Alliance to strengthen regional value chains for timber products. The alliance partners want to establish low carbon timber as a central element for environmentally friendly communities and a successful local timber industry. They also commit to promote the use of regional timber in their network and to further shorten and strengthen regional processing chains.

The Low Carbon Timber Alliance originated from the European Interreg Project CaSCo, in which Climate Alliance participated, and will continue to exist beyond the end of the project. The aim of the project was to promote climate-, biodiversity- and resource-saving products from the outset, as well as sustainable action by all market participants in the shortest possible material cycles for timber products. Among other things, the project also published policy recommendations for the use of regional wood in Europe.

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-    Low Carbon Timber Alliance (pdf)
-    CaSCo Project
-    Policy recommendations for a more favourable development of low carbon timber across Europe (pdf)

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