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Press release | 14.06.2023

Climate Alliance enters into partnership with Google

Climate Alliance members get access to Google data for their climate action strategies

Frankfurt am Main, 14 June 2023. Climate Alliance is now partnering with Google to provide its nearly 2,000 member cities and towns with free access to climate-related Google data. The partnership was announced today at the Google Climate Summit.

"Cities and towns need data not only to plan and adopt climate action plans in a political sense, but also to make success measurable. The type and quality of data available is, however, not the same everywhere. Google data is therefore a real asset for municipal climate action. We are pleased to be able to support our member municipalities even more in their efforts through this partnership," comments Thomas Brose, Executive Director of Climate Alliance.

The network can now provide Google data on traffic, PV potential on roofs, building emissions and tree coverage in municipalities. In this way, Climate Alliance can offer another data source for the development of municipal climate action plans. Every year, Google gathers data via its Environmental Insights Explorer for over 40,000 cities and towns worldwide on the basis of satellite imagery processed with artificial intelligence as well as aggregated and anonymised user data. Currently, the data is available for cities with a population of 10,000 or more, as well as for some regions, districts and other groups of municipalities. Climate Alliance can now access Environmental Insights Explorer data for its member cities and towns.

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Sarah Mekjian
Communications Director, Climate Alliance

For over 30 years, Climate Alliance member municipalities have been acting in partnership with indigenous rainforest peoples for the benefit of the global climate. With nearly 2,000 members spread across more than 25 European countries, Climate Alliance is Europe's largest city network dedicated to comprehensive and equitable climate action. Recognising the impact our lifestyles can have on the world's most vulnerable people and places, Climate Alliance pairs local action with global responsibility.