Climate Alliance emphasises fundamental role of local level in recovery efforts

30 April is the date to keep well in mind: being the deadline for submission of the Member States’ Resilience and Recovery Plans to the European Commission. Climate Alliance believes that it paramount to involve cities and local authorities in the drafting of the Recovery Plans, and harness the opportunity to engage in an open dialogue on the green and digital projects foreseen for the recovery of our citizens, businesses and cities.

However, according to a is recent Committee of the Regions and CEMR’s joint consultation, ‘only a minority of Member States consult their local and regional authorities in the preparation of the national Recovery and Resilience Plans and that an even smaller number actually takes on their input.‘ This is for many reasons – and it risks jeopardizing the added value that cities can offer to the recovery and the Green Deal.

In March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic kicked-in in Europe. We are one year down the line, and many people have found themselves suffering from having lost their jobs or for the economic punches their businesses received. Some are on the road to recovery. At this stage, one of the main objectives is to ensure that the multi-billion Recovery fund available from the European Union are put to the best use for citizens and businesses across Europe. Local leaders and Mayors are the ones in charge of implementing projects on the ground, and the first to be involved in this important mission.

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