Andreas Wolter, Tine Heyse, Robinson López and Holger Matthäus

Press release | 09.10.2018

Climate Alliance elects new leadership

Cologne Mayor Andreas Wolter becomes president of Europe’s largest city network for climate action

Frankfurt, 9 October 2018. The Climate Alliance Board of Directors confirmed Andreas Wolter, Mayor of Cologne, as the network’s new president alongside standing president Tine Heyse, Mayor of Ghent (Belgium) on 9 October. “Our municipalities have a global responsibility. At the same time, our citizens demand more climate protection, an energy and transport transformation as well as green, liveable cities. This includes, in particular, the phasing out of fossil fuels and the rainforest protection," elaborated Wolter on the news of the decision. "These aspects also lie at the heart of Climate Alliance’s work. I am delighted to have the chance to help shape this vibrant and unique network!” 

The Climate Alliance General Assembly had unanimously elected both Andreas Wolter and Robinson López Descanse of COICA, Climate Alliance’s key indigenous partner organisation, on 2 October in Barcelona. López, COICA’s new Coordinator for Climate Change and Biodiversity, takes the place of Eider José Perafan Ramirez as the organisation’s vice president. Wolter is preceded by former president Holger Matthäus, Mayor of Rostock, Germany. Both newly elected officials have expressed their desire to intensify work on climate action and climate justice in both European cities and indigenous territories alike.

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Photo: (From right to left) Andreas Wolter, Tine Heyse, Robinson López and Holger Matthäus