Climate Alliance delegation heads to Ecuador

Today a Climate Alliance delegation began their 10 day journey to Ecuador. The highlight will be an face to face exchange with the indigenous rainforest municipality of Sarayaku.

The group consists of representatives from ASTM, Climate Alliance Luxembourg and the Climate Alliance European Secretariat. During their first stop in Quito, the delegation will hold talks with representatives of Ecuadorian civil society on the political system and Ecuador's management of raw materials. The journey will then lead to the oil production area in the east of the country, where the delegation will experience the impacts of oil extraction first hand.

The group will then travel onwards to the Kichwa village of Sarayaku. The village, located in the middle of the rainforest, is accessible only by canoe. There, the delegates will learn about how this indigenous community live in and with the rainforest, gaining insights into the worldview of the Kichwa and hearing their ideas on sustainable development.

Preservation of the tropical rainforests in partnership with their indigenous inhabitants is a pillar of Climate Alliance's work. Such delegation tours are thus an important tools to strengthen this partnership and promote a necessary global perspectve on climate justice and climate change.

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