Climate Alliance Board member Julie Laernoes speaks at EU for Talanoa

Yesterday's high-level EU for Talanoa event opened with board member Julie Laernoes of the City of Nante (FR) speaking on the need to scale up urban climate action. "Cities are acting faster and going further than national governments. The Talanoa process gives us an opportunity to share those success stories more clearly in the UN Climate Negotiations,” commented Laernoes during a session focussing on the question of where we currently stand. The Brussels-based conference was organised by the European Commission on 13 June as part of the EU's contribution to the Talanoa Dialogue. Talanoa stands as an international stocktaking process designed to give stakeholders other than national governments a voice in the international climate negotiations. Individuals, groups and organisations alike may make submissions centring on three main questions: Where are we, where do we want to go and how do we get there? Climate Alliance is preparing to make a submission in advance of this year's climate negotiations in Katowice in December.

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