Annual Report


Climate Alliance Annual Report now available

Climate Alliance has just released its Annual Report and Outlook 2018/2019. The two-part report provides a glimpse of Climate Alliance’s wide-ranging activities in 2018 as well as a look at plans for the coming year. “With this publication we hope to give readers a feeling for just how active our city network is both internationally as well as in our focus countries of Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Hungary, Italy and Switzerland,” explains Sarah Mekjian, Climate Alliance Communications Director and architect of the document. Climate Alliance split this year’s report into two segments: one covering the activities of the European Secretariat on an international level and one delving into the activities of Climate Alliance’s diverse National Coordination Offices in six European countries. Both parts are now available for download on the Climate Alliance website in English. Climate Alliance will soon also make the national report available for download in German.

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