Photo: European Union / Nuno Rodrigues


Climate Alliance advocates municipal contribution to UNFCCC process before EU body

On 10 May Thomas Brose, Executive Director of Climate Alliance, spoke on behalf of ambitious cities and towns across Europe during an EU Committee of the Regions (CoR) stakeholder consultation on the structural inclusion of municipalities in the UN climate process. “Increasing ambition at each Climate Summit is important but also needs to be digestible at the local level,” Brose explained. “We need to avoid duplication, remove barriers and recognise local level climate action at the national level through effective consultation.” He went on to argue for the replication and integration of multi-stakeholder processes through existing platforms for a more inclusive approach and for access to information on the status of the climate process well in advance of each summit so that local authorities can actually make the meaningful impact expected of them.

Climate Alliance a member of the Local Governments and Municipal Authorities (LGMA) Constituency and has been an official observer of the UN climate process since its beginnings in 1995. The association has consistently worked to elevate both the role and contributions of local authorities and indigenous peoples in this process. In 2017, Climate Alliance officially partnered with CoR and works with this key EU assembly of regional and local representatives on topics such as energy poverty, climate adaptation and decentralised cooperation. 

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