Press release | 10.04.2019

Children across Europe collect Green Footprints

Climate Alliance’s Zoom campaign running again in 2019

Since 2002, children have been helping to protect the global climate by every climate-friendly journey – on foot, by scooter or bike, bus or train. Also in 2019 Climate Alliance invited children from all over Europe to participate at “ZOOM – Kids on the Move!” and to add their own ideas for climate protection.

On 9 April 2019, this year's starting signal for the Europe-wide Green Footprint Campaign was given in Hesperange, Luxembourg: The board members of Climate Alliance symbolically sent the children from the day-care centre “Hesper Heesprénger” (Hesperange Grasshoppers) with their scooters, bikes and inliners on their way to South America to collect Green Footprints for the global climate. To date, 50,000 children from eight countries have done so. The Green Footprints will be presented by Climate Alliance at the 25th UN Climate Conference in Santiago de Chile in December and handed over to the climate politicians. It will clearly signal to them that it is time for them to be active now, now that tens of thousands of European children have shown them how easy it is to make progress in climate protection.

Since 2002, children have phrased their wishes for climate protection and have called on the participants in the UN Climate Change Conference to support them with concrete measures and to define and implement specific national and international goals. Thomas Brose, Executive Director of Climate Alliance, accentuates the successful work with the participating municipalities and educational institutions: “It is not only the children here who show that it is important to start with oneself and act together when it comes to climate protection. This is also an important concern for our indigenous partners in the Amazon region. I am therefore looking forward to presenting the engagement of Europe's children at the UN Climate Summit in Chile together with our partner COICA.”

The campaign has evolved over the years, as Climate Alliance has added the subjects of climate justice, consumption and sufficiency. The ZOOM – Kids on the Move! campaign opens up new insights to the world to children at a young age. It introduces the subjects of climate change, sustainability and globalisation. Climate Alliance will continue to attract new participants as well as motivate already participating municipalities. Participation for 2019 is possible until beginning of November.


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