Photo: Christian Lue via Unsplash


Call for Partners: Urban Agenda for the EU Partnerships launches new themes

Today, The Urban Agenda for the EU (UAEU) launched a call for partners on two new key themes: sustainable tourism and greening cities. This announcement comes after the successful conclusion of UAEU partnerships on 14 other urban themes.

Each partnership addresses urban challenges by bringing key stakeholders such as cities, national governments, NGOs, the European Commission and other EU institutions together. Selected partners get the chance to directly shape relevant policy by developing action plans to improve regulation and funding schemes relating to and targeting urban areas. They also develop knowledge together, for example by carrying out studies and sharing of good practices.

Each partnership will consist of 15 to 20 members including at least one small and one medium-sized municipality. Municipalities as well as regions, municipal consortia and umbrella organisations are among the groups encouraged to apply by 16 September 2022. The two partnerships are due to be launched in October of this year.

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