Call for country experts & national networks of local authorities

For the new European City Facility (EUCF), set up under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Programme for Research and Innovation.

The new European City Facility (EUCF) provides tailored financial support (up to €60,000), hands-on expertise, as well as capacity building and peer-to peer support to European cities. With the objective of enabling municipalities to develop sound investment packages and mobilize finance for sustainable energy projects, EUCF has 2 key features in order to allow for a decentralized and tailor-made approach:



Small and medium-sized cities often fail to access centrally managed EU funds and programmes. A decentralised approach based on a direct interface with local target groups has a much higher impact and outreach than centrally managed support and communication in English.

For each EU Member State, the consortium will therefore appoint a Country Expert, whose role will be to support cities and the Core Management Team for a smooth EUCF operation and monitoring.  Country Experts will be selected based on their proven technical and financial competences, local working experience in the field of energy and climate investments, existing contacts with cities, best value for money and references. We are looking for Country Experts in the following countries: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania and Luxembourg.

The country experts will be coordinated by the EUCF Core Management Team who will ensure that they have a common understanding of the EUCF and provide high quality support to cities.
Please find the detailed call here.


In order to recruit potential applicants from all over Europe, the consortium (consisting of adelphi, Energy Cities, Enviros, FEDARENE and Climate Alliance) will need the support of national partners to promote and disseminate the EUCF. Therefore, one network of local authorities will be contracted per EU Member State.

The tasks will include the organisation of an information session for potential EUCF beneficiaries in the country, several webinars, general promotion and dissemination activities, among other things. The national network will focus on the promotional activities and will liaise with the country expert or the Core Management team for technical questions, while a technical helpdesk willl be run by the consortium and the country experts for their respective countries.
Please find the detailed call here.


DEADLINE: 15th of January 2020 COB

Contact: info(at)