Photo: Climate Alliance


Another murder of indigenous leader in Amazonia

Last week, Asháninka leader Santiago Contoricón was murdered in his home in Puerto Ocopa (Selva Central, Peru). His name joins an already long list of leaders and defenders of indigenous rights who have been murdered in recent years. The motive is not yet clear, but a connection to drug trafficking and land conflicts is suspected. For years, Santiago has campaigned against the advance of drug trafficking. The Peruvian state, however, does not seem to be in a position to take action against this. Hardly any murders are solved. According to a study by the Asociación Propurús, more than 100 people are threatened in the Ucayali region alone.

Immediately after the murder, Climate Alliance received a request from the region to bring an indigenous leader and his family to safety. Climate Alliance has always supported indigenous representatives who have been threatened. However, it is even more important to bring those responsible to justice and to strengthen the Peruvian state's commitment to protect the people in the areas of greatest risk.