Press release | 27.09.2019

88 cities denounce human rights and environmental abuses in Amazonia

Climate Alliance members call for solidarity with indigenous peoples in midst of Amazon Basin climate emergency at international conference in Rostock

Local authorities from across Europe have passed a declaration in the German city of Rostock demanding joint action to protect indigenous peoples of the Amazon Basin and the Amazonian rainforest. “The balance of Mother Earth depends on the Amazon Basin; allowing its devastation implies the extermination of humanity,” explains Robinson Lopéz Descanse, Climate Alliance Vice President and Coordinator for Climate Change and Biodiversity of COICA, Amazonia’s umbrella association for indigenous organisations. In August, COICA followed the example of over 60 Climate Alliance municipalities by declaring its own climate emergency. Rostock declared its own Climate Emergency on 25 September.

The statement calls for a halt to Mercosur talks until deforestation and human rights abuses are stopped as well as the legal recognition of indigenous territories and the ratification of ILO Convention 169 on indigenous rights. The declaration of support was passed during the 28th Climate Alliance International Conference, where 175 participants representing municipalities, NGOs and governmental organisations from 18 countries have gathered to discuss topics including climate policy, climate justice, sustainable mobility and community engagement in climate action. The event also marks 25 or more years of dedicated Climate Alliance membership for 195 municipalities. This year’s conference is part of Rostock’s climate week from 22 to 27 September.

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