Special category: Change the Future

Special category: Change the Future

For the first time, the Climate Star is also being awarded in the Change the Future special category. Change the Future is an online tool by Climate Alliance that promotes local commitment to climate protection. With this tool, we provide incentives to contribute to the wider transformation with small actions. In so doing, we do not stop at individual commitments, but illustrate possibilities to work together towards a good life for all.

Register, participate and become a Future Changer!

We honour communities that have enabled citizens and local politicians, individually or as a team, to get involved with various campaigns on the topics of energy, nutrition, consumption and mobility. Your municipality specifcies a four week period during which people can collect Changer Points. But it wouldn't be fair to smaller towns to make it only about the number of participants or the amount of points collected. Instead, we primarily honour your creativity and local commitment!

  • How did you inform and motivate your citizens?
  • How did you integrate the campaign locally?
  • Was there, for example, a supporting programme or individual events on the various topics?
  • Did you support the actions of your citizens or various groups?
  • Were you able to gain further local supporters?

Register on Change the Future, select your actions, collect Changer Points, shape the future and become a Future Changer!

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