Technical information

The Climate Alliance Digital Days will take place via Zoom-Meeting. Additionally we will be using the online voting tool Polyas during our General Assembly on 8 October. 



  • A small software programme must be installed on each computer and mobile device used prior to the meeting
  • Once installed, a simple click on the Zoom meeting link will enable you to attend the individual sessions. 
  • We ask that you log into the meeting  5 minutes early to each session to test that everything is working smoothly
  • Participants without a stable internet connection my also dial in via telephone.

The sessions of the Climate Alliance Digital Days will not be recorded, unless otherwise stated. Please note that neither audio nor visual recordings or screenshots will be permitted during all sessions!

Please note
We are aware of the criticism regarding Zoom, but would like to point out that the company has significantly improved data privacy precautions over the past months. We are using a paid Zoom account that makes use of the Privacy Shield Framework, end-to-end encryption/GCM encryption and EU data centres.

Learn more on Zoom and data protection


To ensure a higher level of security, all voting during the General Assembly will be conducted via Polyas in conjunction with the Zoom meeting. Each full member or full member municipality will receive a single set of access data for online voting.

Voting procedure 

  • Fill out the online ballot and click “proceed”.
  • Either correct your entry or confirm your vote.
  • If you are content with your choice, you can then officially cast your vote.
  • Results will be tallied once voting is completed. You will be able to view the results directly on your voting device. 

Please note
The access data for the online voting will only be sent to full members via the primary contact (coordinators) registered with the Climate Alliance European Secretariat.

Learn more about the Polyas tool for online voting  

General recommendations for participation

  • Test the functionality of your devices and software early. We recommend a test in advance via  
  • Ensure that you have a stable internet connection. If your Wi-Fi connection is weak, consider using a LAN cable.
  • Use a headset or alternatively devices with audio output and input. A webcam would be helpful, but is not a prerequisite.
  • Update your browser.  Zoom recommends using Chrome.  
  • Contemplate using a second screen or mobile phone in addition to your computer, as the online voting is also internet-based.