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Below you will find an overview of our rich programme from 9 – 11 October. as well as session specifics.

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Wednesday, 9 October  | Thursday, 10 October | Friday, 11 October

Wednesday, 9 October 2024

9 October, 15:00 – 18:00 | Cascais Cultural Centre | EN & DE
Help us shape our network at the 2024 Climate Alliance General Assembly!
Take part in our annual general assembly and learn more about our activities as well as our plans for the future! Help steer our network into the future and make your vote count!

The general assembly will also be streamed online. More information on how to register for the online participation will be available shortly.


Thursday, 10 October 2024

10 October, 10:00 – 12:00 | Paula Rêgo Museum | EN & PT
CAIC24 Opening Plenary: Boosting the resilience of our regions, cities & towns
What should cities and towns look like in the future? How can we bounce back quickly from adverse climate-related events and what do we need from the newly elected EU institutions to promote resilience at local level? These and other questions will be addressed in an interactive plenary discussion featuring contributions from local representatives and experts in the field. Join in, share your perspectives and help us shape a vision for the future!

10 October, 14:00 – 15:30 | Various locations
Workshop Slot I

  • Workshop A:
    Geo-spatial data to accelerate climate action and resilience
    (Paula Rêgo Museum | EN)
    The local need for timely and granular data is increasingly recognised by public and private actors. Take part in this workshop, brought to you by the EU Covenant of Mayors, to learn more about a range of emerging data services and how local authorities are already using them.
  • Workshop B:
    Engaging citizens for a future worth living
    (Cascais Cultural Centre | EN)
    Boosting resilience requires an effort from all levels, citizens included. But how can local authorities actively and successfuly engage citizens in local climate action and adaption? In this workshop, you will find out more about low threshold tools and campaigns for local authorities!
  • Workshop C:
    Innovative financing schemes for nature-based solutions
    (Casa Sommer | EN)
    Nature-based solutions play a crucial role when it comes to creating resilient regions, cities and towns. But obtaining sufficient funding for these solutions is often a challenge. Join this workshop to uncover funding strategies driving sustainable outcomes in ecosystems!

10 October, 16:00 – 17:30 | Various locations
Workshop Slot II

  • Workshop D:
    Fighting energy poverty and leaving no one behind
    (Paula Rêgo Museum | EN)
    This workshop, brought to you by the Covenant of Mayors, the Energy Poverty Advisory Hub and the JUST-PEPP project, will showcase the different phases of energy poverty, illustrated by real-world examples. Get in on the discussion and dive into the use of indicators, explore potential solutions, touching upon specific exmaples of one-stop shops, energy communities, and financing mechanisms!
  • Workshop E:
    Enhancing local resilience with digital tools
    (Casa Sommer | EN)
    Digital models of physical systems based on data from exisitng sources and data collected on the ground can help the local level understand threats and act to avert them. In this workshop, see how your municipality can make use of such so-called "digital twins" to help boost resilience!
  • Workshop F:
    Responding to climate-related weather extremes
    (Cascais Cultural Centre | EN)
    Floods, droughts, heat waves – extreme weather events are part of our new reality. But how can local authorities throughout Europe respond to these events? This workshop will showcase examples from across Europe. Participate and share your experiences!


Friday, 11 October 2024

11 October, 10:00 – 12:00 | Casa Sommer | EN
Learn & Share
Join us to explore diverse clusters, including climate adaptation strategies, citizen engagement initiatives, energy poverty alleviation efforts, data services, and beyond. Engage in vibrant discussions, share experiences, and gain fresh insights from fellow professionals across Europe. Come by, ask your questions and gain inspiration for your work!

Want to get involved, learn from like-minded people and share your experiences? Interested participants have the opportunity to indicate in the registration form what they would like to learn about or present in the Learn & Share Area!

21 October, 12:00  – approx. 15:30 | Cascais | EN
Cascais Tours: Learn more about the city's local resilience activities!

  • Tour 1: Visit to the Cresmina-Guincho Dune System Rehabilitation
  • Tour 2: Visit to NOVA SBE Campus for Urban Decarbonisation
  • Tour 3: Visit to Peninha Forest Conservation
  • Tour 4: Visit to Quinta do Pisão Biodiversity

Lunch boxes are provided for those taking part in the excursions.
Find more information on the tours here.

Please note that registration for the tours is only an expression of interest. You will receive final confirmation shortly before the conference!

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