28.03 - 29.03.2019 | Berlin, Germany

Workshop 'Re-Framing Sustainability'

How to Transform Relationships and Society in a Decade

Until now, there has effectively been no real sustainable development, global CO2-emissions are still rising and need to decrease quickly. Therefore, by transforming our relationships as our basis, we will explore how to create and collectively lead a turnaround as society towards a global sustainable development.

Questions we raise:

  • In which new ways do we have to perceive and understand sustainability in order to overcome existing boundaries and limitations?
  • Which dimensions of sustainability do we miss in recent definitions? How could a multidimensional framework for sustainability look like?
  • How can we improve our interpersonal communication in order to share a common ground for sustainability e.g. with our customers?
  • How can sustainability become an integral part of our daily mindset in order to create real personal and societal change?

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