11.06.2021 | Online

WHY Open Day: Predicting the Impact of Household Behaviour Intervention on Environmental Pollution

Time: 10 – 13 (CET)

The WHY open day on 11 June invites stakeholders and policy makers to join experts and academics and share ideas and insights to the importance of including behavioural aspects in climate policy. The event will explore what Energy System Models can do to help reducing the pollution through the example of 5 use cases. Expert discussions will unveil what stakeholders around Europe say about different behaviours using electricity at home and why people invest in the energy transition.

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The event is part of this year’s EU Green Week. Climate Alliance promotes this event within the WHY project that builds a Causal Model to improve the understanding of human decision processes behind energy demand patterns at residential level. It will enable to accurately forecast the impact that different policies will have on the household energy consumption behaviour of the citizens.  This way energy consumption in residential areas can be changed and the targets of the EU Green Deal reached.

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