Climate Alliance event | 29.06.2020 | Webinar

Towards a fair energy transition – enabling vulnerable consumers to take part in energy communities

Time: 14:00 - 15:30 (CET)

The biggest challenge of the energy transition is not just to decarbonise our economies, engage consumers and mitigate energy poverty in parallel efforts but to link these issues. The Clean Energy for all Europeans Package (CEP) allows for the active participation of vulnerable consumers and low-income households in self-consumption and energy communities schemes. However concrete obstacles remain and need to be addressed during the transposition.

This session's purpose is to discuss concrete obstacles to inclusion and participation in energy communities including the interrelatedness of energy policies with other policy areas, such as social welfare. The Discussion will take place among European policy makers, academia, environmental and social NGOs. The session addresses the aforementioned stakeholders as well as local authorities, as the closest governmental level to the citizens in charge of designing and implementing local energy policies.

The session is part of the extended programme of this year's EU Sustainable Energy week. The event is being organised and moderated by the consortium of the Climate Alliance project SCORE, that helps consumers become prosumers of renewable energy.

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