Photo: Gilbert Nathaniel via Unsplash

28.10.2022 | Padova (IT) & online

Save the Date: One-Stop-Shops for building renovation

This conference will focus on the renovation of buildings (residential buildings, condominiums, public buildings etc.) for #energyefficiency improvements, through One Stop Shops.  Participants will learn how the city of Padova got all its stakeholders involved and working together towards an important goal.

Interested members who would like to travel to Padova can contact Masha Tarle at m.tarle(at)

Save the date now!
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This conference is the final event of the PadovaFIT Expanded project. Climate Alliance supported the project aiming at creating and piloting a One-Stop-Shop dedicated to home renovation services in the city of Padova (Italy.) 

Learn more about PadovaFIT Expanded.