Photo: Jasmin Sessler via Unsplash

28.02.2024 | Online

Power of communities – citizen engagement against climate change

Time: 15:00 – 16:30

The EU project CINAMON is organising the third Digital Climate Summit, this time on the topic of citizen engagement in the face of the climate crisis. The aim is to explore how the power of community can be harnessed to engage citizens in climate action. The event will showcase examples from across Europe of how citizen engagement can succeed – from citizen-led climate action and climate pact ambassadors to a crowdfunding approach and energy communities.

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The free event is primarily aimed at municipal representatives who are involved in sustainability and climate action.

You can also get an impression of the last Digital Climate Summit on the CINAMON YouTube channel. On the topic of "Storytelling in Climate Change discourse - Languages for Creative Learning", there was a poetry slam contribution by Estha Sackl and a presentation of a tool for visualising climate adaptation measures and their costs by Dr Attila Katona, Senior Research Fellow at the University of Pannonia.

Municipalities wanted for e-learning course!
The CINAMON project team is also offering interested municipal representatives the opportunity to test the "Climate Action Campaigning" course for the first time. It provides a good overview of basic knowledge on climate mitigation and adaptation and conveys action-oriented content for the implementation of climate action measures. Want to learn more? Click here or contact Claudia Schury at c.schury(at)

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