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01.12.2021 | Online

Migration and Climate Crisis: Challenges and Perspectives

Time: 14 – 15:30

The economies and populations that are the main contributors to the climate crisis are least affected by the consequences. People in the Global South are already exposed to drought, forest fires, flooding and water shortages. According to the UN, there were some 270 million migrants worldwide in 2020. Recent forecasts predict that the climate crisis will force up to 1.2 billion people to leave their home countries by 2050.

This online event will discuss the topic of migration and climate crisis: How does the outside world view Europe and which expectations does this view give rise to? What is the role of global networks, intergovernmental organizations and the international civil society in this context? And what are 'good' cultural relations practices under these circumstances?

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The event is a part of the web talk series 'Totally Glocally. Europe from the outside: Dealing with the climate crisis'. It is being organised by ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen) in cooperation with Ecologic Institute and Climate Alliance.

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