Photo: Eugene Kuznetsov via Unsplash

Climate Alliance event | 28.02.2024 | Online

Meeting of the Climate Alliance working group on adaptation

Time: 10.30 - 12

Since 2015, Climate Alliance's Working Group on Adaptation has provided a platform for discussing options for action and municipal experiences in the field of climate adaptation. However, things have become somewhat quieter over the past year. This is now set to change with the meeting of the working group on 28 February. Participants can look forward to an interactive meeting and contribute with their needs and ideas:

  1. Relaunch of the WG on Adaptation
  2. Brainstorming for the WG on Adaptation
  3. Thematic Input and Discussion: Health – Housing – Habitat: A bottom-up approach to integrated heat adaptation in the Netherlands (Klimaatverbond Netherlands)

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The Climate Alliance working groups are primarily aimed at Climate Alliance member municipalities.

Interested in the Working Group on Adaptation? Contact the team at adaptation(at)