Climate Alliance event | 12.04.2019 | Pisa, Italy

Giving power to your city – the POWER Follower City Conference

The conference welcomes to Tuscany the POWER Follower Cities and other interested municipalities with the desire that the event will provide them with a series of solutions to the engagement of their citizens in global environmental issues that will affect the future well-being of their communities.

The POWER project aims at demonstrating that the use of the POWER Digital Social Platform (DSP) could prove to be an essential element in an innovative approach to citizen engagement at local level. The DSP encourages the sharing of knowledge and experiences on climate change and water issues (scarcity, safety, quality, consumption) between citizens, public bodies, companies, and local authorities, both within Europe and the rest of the world. This creates an important tool to support the European policy of managing water resources, and strengthens and improves the governance of the environment and water networks.

In order to achieve the aforementioned goals, it is essential that the project’s initiatives are observed by, disseminated to, and ultimately replicated in a number of follower cities who have expressed their interest in the activities of the POWER consortium.

Conference participation is free of charge.

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