Climate Alliance event | 05.05.2020 | Webinar

European municipalities & climate emergency – a Franco-German comparison

Time: 14:30 – 16:00 CET

Climate Emergency is lived differently in every municipality and every country. In this webinar participants heard from one German and one French municipality on their climate emergency declarations. Differences and similarities as well as the current state of implementation were highlighted through questions and answers. The aim: to point out what we can learn from local authorities in the neighbouring country, but also how we can make progress in implementing climate emergency resolutions in our own country, what obstacles there are and how we can overcome them.

In the spotlight 

  • How did the decision for climate emergency come about and which stakeholders were involved?
  • How is the resolution implemented, e.g. by "climate checks" within resolution proposals?
  • What effects does the resolution have on the budget (personnel and material costs) in the area of climate action?
  • Has the resolution already led to concrete measures or their prevention?
  • Climate emergency and climate neutrality – similarities and differences


  • Agnes Schönfelder – Head of climate protection coordinating office Mannheim, Germany
  • Isabelle Le Vannier – Head of energy transition coordinating office of the community association Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole, France

The webinar was held in French and German with simultaneous translation available. It was open for members of Climate Alliance and Energy Cities as well as other interested parties via the TANDEM project. TANDEM promotes the exchange between German and French municipalities in the context of local climate action through joint activities and campaigns, including the Franco-German Energy Transition Week – with the next edition taking place in January 2021.

Further information

Want to learn more? Contact Jonas Rönnerfarth at j.roennefarth(at) for more information.