Climate Alliance event | 23.06.2021 | Online

Building event series: energy storage systems

This event is part of Climate Alliance's summer 2021 building event series

Time: 10:30 – 12:00

Up to 80% of total energy consumption in the EU is attributed to urban areas. At the same time, low carbon energy supplies in the style of energy storages are a rarity in central Europe. In the framework of this event, four municipal examples will demonstrate how energy storage systems for renewable energy source heating and electricity production were successfully integrated:

  • Lendava (SLO): paraffin based latent storage in connection with geothermal district heating system
  • Weiz (AT): Central thermal energy storage tank in connection with decentralized hot water storage tanks
  • Cueno (IT): “Slope Elevator” – realisation of a new system for the production and storage of electrical power
  • Bračak Manor (HR): Central battery (bank) system, installation and integration of photovoltaic system for an advanced energy management system

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The event is being organised within the Climate Alliance Store4HUC project that aims to improve territorially based low-carbon energy planning strategies. It is also the kick-off for Climate Alliance's building event series this summer.

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