Photo: Vlado Paunovic via Unsplash

Climate Alliance event | 04.10.2022 | online

2022 Retro Talks – Peer-learning for long-term success

Time: 10:30 – 12:30

With the 2022 Retro Talks, the EUROPA Mid-term Conference brings the latest one-stop-shop topics right to you. This three-part series of online and offline events invites deep renovation stakeholders from across Europe to discuss how the sector can make retrofits accessible for all. A key focus will be on the EUROPA One-Stop-Shop, Energy Efficiency Subscriptions and success stories from the first half of the EU-cofunded EUROPA project. Since late 2020, EUROPA has been promoting and working to boost the implementation of deep energy renovation in the residential building sector.

Parts 1 of the 2022 Retro Talks focused on on the role of quality and impact in deep energy retrofits with the help of the outPHit project for deep energy retrofits that are faster, cheaper and more reliable. Part two, held as part of the Climate Alliance International Conference 2022 (CAIC22), explored the mobilisation of private households to carry out deep renovations by looking at the example of the Energy Caravan campaign.

In part 3, the closing event of the series, participants will hear from the EUROPA mentees and mentors who worked and learned together over four months to increase their replication readiness. Participants will explore how structured peer learning can increase an organisation's ability to successfully advance its aims and build resilience in this ever-changing field.

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