Climate Alliance @COP24

Even in the run-up to COP24, governments and non-state actors were able to introduce their solution strategies for effective climate protection. In this context, Climate Alliance presented its own Talanoa Report. In addition, we and numerous representatives from Amazonia were present at a large number of events in Katowice:

  • Side event "Local Climate Action: The Practices Behind the Numbers" on different municipal experiences of climate protection from Africa, Japan and Europe. The message: CO2 reduction by municipalities and their contribution to NDCs internationally are important and deserve recognition (together with Climate Alliance Italy, Groupe Energies Renouvelables, Environnement et Solidarités (GERES), Committee of the Regions (CoR)).
  • Side event "The powers of water - on the way to the sustainable use of nature's driving force" on conflicts in the construction of dams in Amazonia. The message: Energies that are regarded as "clean" because they cause less CO2 emissions are not automatically socially acceptable (together with Climate Alliance Luxembourg / ASTM, INFOE e. V. / GegenStrömung and indigenous representatives from Brazil).
  • Climate Alliance stand: Presentation of projects and great successes of member municipalities.
  • Kids for Climate Action:  This year, due to the town twinning between Climate Alliance member Cologne and Katowice, the Polish school handed over the collected children's miles to the deputy executive director of the UNFCCC, Ovais Sarmad. The highlight of the handover was the 8-year-old Mateusz, who wrote a letter to the UN delegates as part of the Climate Alliance campaign and courageously recited it in Katowice.
  • Climate Hub - Together for Climate Action: In this space for exchange, we discussed mega-projects in Amazonia and the responsibility of international corporations. The exhibition "Here and There" was also displayed (together with Greenpeace, Oro Verde, Climate Alliance Luxembourg / ASTM, indigenous representatives).
  • German Pavilion: Presentation of the Climate Partnership between the City of Cologne and the municipality of Yarinacocha in Peru

Climate Alliance COP24 Ambassador

This year Climate Alliance is happy to have had President Andreas Wolter, Mayor of the City of Cologne (DE) take the Barcelona Declaration, the expectations of 2018 Climate Alliance International Conference participants and our Talanoa report to the Climate Summit.


"Ambitious targets for reducing emissions, such as those the members of the Climate Alliance are striving for, are a key element on the road to sustainable development. This year's COP took place in a region dominated by coal. When financing the measures against climate change, we must take this reality into account in order to be able to include the people in the process. This requires strong partnerships and networks."


Climate Alliance and its partners were present throughout the summit at a variety of key events. Here are some of the highlights (pictures available here):

Monday, 3 December

  • All day: Exhibition
  • 15:30 – 17:00: The Climate Partnership of the City of Cologne (DE) and Yarinacocha (PE), German Pavilion, Pavilion Area, COP24 Venue (Reference No. 3.4), INFOE side event in cooperation with Climate Alliance and the City of Cologne | Agenda

Tuesday, 4 December (Research into Practice Day)

  • All day: Exhibition
  • 9:00 –10:00: Change the Power – (Em)Power to Change: The battle for land and water in Amazonia, Climate Hub, Klub Królestwo, Rondo im. gen. Jerzego Ziętka 1, Climate Alliance event in cooperation with ASTM
  • 9:00: Opening of the exhibition "Here and There" by OroVerde in cooperation with Climate Alliance, Climate Hub
  • 16:45: Megadrivers, Climate Funds and Indigenous Peoples: Achievements and Challenges / La focalización indígena de los fondos climáticos, Room Wisla, Partner event by the indigenous organisations ARPI and AIDESEP

Wedneday, 5 December (Farmers Day)

  • All day: Exhibition
  • 11:30: Minga NDC and Talanoa Dialogue: Indigenous strategies for climate ambition / La "Minga NDC" o aporte indígena a la ambición climática del diálogo de Talanoa, Room Narew, Partner event by the indigenous organisation AIDESEP

Thursday, 6 December (Business and Industry Day)

  • All day: Exhibition
  • 10:00-11:30: Hydropower – A Debate on its Sustainability and Climate-Friendliness 
    German Pavilion, Partner event by Gegenströmung
  • 11:30: Heat – A film by Mari Correa followed by discussion, Brazilian Pavillion,Partner event by the Amazonian Cooperation Networking featuring FOIRN
  • Evening: Networking dinner with Polish politicians (by invitation only)

Friday, 7 December (Indigenous Peoples Day)

Saturday, 8 Decmeber

  • 16:00– 17:30: What's at stake at COP 24? From Paris to Katowice – International climate diplomacy explained, City of Katowice tent, Market Square, Climate Alliance member event– Region of North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany | link

Monday, 10 December (Ambition and Just Transition Day/Covenant of Mayors Day EU Pavillion)

  • 9:30–18:00: Global Covenant of Mayors Event, EU Pavillion Brussels Room
  • 14:00– 15:30: Clean Air – Common Value, Academy of Fine Arts, Raciborska Street 50 (by invitation only), Climate Alliance member event– Region of North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany | link

Wednesday, 12 December

  • 11:30– 13:00: Climate action in industry – new perspectives and opportunities, Column Hall, Silesian Marshal’s Office, Dabrowskiego Street 23, Climate Alliance member event– Region of North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany | link

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