CAIC19 | 28th Climate Alliance International Conference

Strategies for a Liveable Future

#CAIC19 #LocalAction

25 – 27 September 2019 | Rostock, Germany

The tide is changing. Thanks to grassroots campaigning, increasing numbers of local, regional and even national governments worldwide are now declaring the climate as a priority. Many other municipalities and regions have long taken climate change seriously and are already pursuing ambitious climate goals. For them, some of the most pressing questions revolve around how best to act on this all-encompassing issue when only parts of its root causes are under municipal control. Which local strategies can contribute to a liveable future, how can we implement them and what can we learn from global partnerships along the way? How do we realise necessary transitions in mobility and the built environment, how can we engage the public in our strategies and how do we adapt to the changes we cannot avoid?

Climate.Cities.Communities. explored the role of municipalities in climate action and the implementation of local strategies with the power to foster a good future for all.

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