Local climate action talks

Climate Alliance members with inspiring examples of local climate action gave climate action talks at the Climate Alliance International Conference!

Climate action talks were a great way for members to contribute to the conference and have targeted exchanges with peers. Those selected for a talk got a stand on 3 October from 10:00 to 11:00 at which they presented their initiatives in a ten minute pitch.

Climate action talks | 3 October, 10:00 – 11:00

How to get your schools involved in climate action

Els Beeckx | Education Department, City of Zoersel (BE)

There are many interesting offers for schools regarding climate action. Yet, teachers generally have little time and it is difficult to get them engaged. Come to this talk if you want to learn how the municipality of Zoersel has managed to address six primary schools encompassing 2000 children in its climate gang project!

Provincial group purchases ensure climate results

Wouter Florizoone | Climate Department, Province Flemish Brabant (BE)

As a regional government, the province Flemish Brabant organizes a group purchase for roof/wall insulation, solar panels and high efficiency glass.  So far, more than 5000 applications and 600 realizations have been achieved. Learn how it can be done in this climate action talk.

Mein Haus Kann's – Wiesbaden's successful solar campaign

Laura Gouverneur | Environmental Department, City of Wiesbaden (DE)

Around 35,000 buildings in Wiesbaden are suitable for the construction of a solar system. After the solar boom a few years ago, the demand has decreased significantly. With the initiative “Mein Haus kann’s” (lit. "My House Can Do It") Wiesbaden has increased the use of solar energy as well as its share in energy consumption and thus, fostered local craftsmanship.

Sustainable waste management in Basel and in Switzerland

Anette Graupe and Daniel Lehmann | City of Basel and Climate Alliance Switzerland

Switzerland has high waste disposal standards, an efficient infrastructure as well as clear legal regulations. Yet, too many recyclable materials still end up in the waste. Learn more about Basel’s and Swiss strategies in gerneral on how to improve this at this climate action talk.

HeatResilientCity - Resident oriented knowledge generation and implementation Erfurt and Dresden

Christian Korndörfer | Environmental Department, City of Dresden, (DE)

Increasing temperatures are one of the most serious environmental struggles for inhabitants of densely populated residential areas. This climate action talk will report on how innovative, socially just and user-friendly adaptation measures to reduce summer heat stress can be developed.

The Frankfurt Food Council

Rosemarie Heilig | Coucillor for Environment and Women, City of Frankfurt (DE)

The food we eat, how we buy, store and prepare our meals has a significant impact on the climate. Consumers can actively contribute to climate protection with their food choices. Listening to this climate action talk and you will learn how the Frankfurt Food Council supports the City of Frankfurt on implementing a sustainable food policy.

Climate Neutral by 2050 – From strategy to action

Cordine Lippert | Climate Protection Coordination Unit, City of Potsdam (DE)

Potsdam is part of the 41 German Master Plan Municipalities that have set themselves the goal to implement 100% renewable energy sources by 2050. But what does this mean, which measures should be implemented first? Accomplishments and challenges of this ongoing debate and process will be presented during this climate action talk.

Localising the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Joao Dinis | City of Caiscais (PT)

Implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals locally requires an innovative approach on long-term planning for cities and their partners. The process needs to be centered on changing the way municipalities work with local communities, stakeholders and how results are being communicated. This climate action talk will focus on the benefits and the challenges of different methodological approaches.

The Brest heating network

Sylvie Mingant | Energy Department, Brest Metropole (FR)

The heating network of Brest is a pioneer in substituting fossil energies and keeps growing. This virtuous network includes 90% of renewable energy, an energy storage system and a smart grid. The second development stage for 2019/2023 is on its way. Learn more about its success at this climate action talk!

Successful transformation through the Association of the Wisloka River Basin Communes

Sylwia Słomiak and Andrzej Czernecki | Association of the Wisloka River Basin Communes (PL)

For over 20 years, 22 municipalities in Southern Poland have been working together to accelerate the energy transition, improve environmental protection, and promote ecological education. This climate action talk will explore the drivers of a long lasting cooperation among municipalities regardless of their leaders’ political views.

Guimarães, sustainable smart city strategy for all

Paula Peiró García | Smart City Division, City of Guimarães (PT)

Guimarães committed itself to bold strategies for innovation, sustainability, the environment and digital economy – a Sustainable Smart City for All. This strategy puts the citizens at the core. Find out more about the actions Guimarães is developing at this climate action talk.

Climate Justice – bridging Europe and Amazonia

Silke Lunnebach and Sara Schmitt-Pacifico | Climate Alliance

Climate Alliance encourages direct partnerships between municipalities and works with local governments to raise awareness about global interdependencies and challenges. How does this field of work look like? Come to this climate action talk and get to know Climate Alliance's second pillar – climate justice.

Indigenous peoples in the Amazon region – Current situation in four different countries

COICA (Coordinadora de las Organizaciones Indígenas de la Cuenca Amazónica)

Join the delegates of the COICA  and get to know more about the current situation regarding human and indigenous rights within their countries and how these are connected to global developments. At this climate action talk you will have  the possibility to exchange on how European municipalities can support COICA’s strategies and promote indigenous rights.

Climate Alliance in action

Carmen Maier and Wolfgang Hofstetter | Climate Alliance and the Government of Catalonia

Climate Alliance is involved in several EU projects covering a broad range of topics. This climate action talk will showcase two projects of successful cooperation with Spanish municipalities and regions: POWER – A social response to global water issues and EDI-Net – The Energy Data Innovation Network.

Climate Alliance Campaigns

Jörn Klein and André Muno | Climate Alliance

CITY CYCLING is an international campaign conceived as a competition to strengthen the bicycle as a sustainable mean of everyday transport. Teams of politicians and citizens competitively cycle as many kilometres as possible for 21 days at a time to raise awareness about the topic. Interested? Join this climate action talk and learn more about this Climate Alliance Campaign.