Marketplace stands

AACHEN, GERMANY | Ready for climate adaptation!? Management and new measures (EN | DE)
The “eea plus” pilot project in the region of North Rhine Westphalia is testing municipal management of climate change adaptation and thereby raising awareness, generating new activities and improving cooperation.

BASEL, SWITZERLAND | Role models for the future (DE)
By focussing on making the world fitter for the future, we replace catastrophe communication with success communication. These inspirational portraits reflect a joyful, positive interaction with the environment.

CLIMATE ALLIANCE ITALY | Peer-to-peer relations between Climate Alliance Cities with US partner cities (EN | IT)
Linking similar cities is an important way to push local energy and climate policy – explore the possibilities for such partnerships between Climate Alliance members and cities on the East Coast of the USA.

ESSEN, GERMANY | klima|werk|stadt|essen – Acting in a new climate culture (EN | DE | FR)
With its climate agency acting as driver and hub, Essen is working with residents to instill a culture of climate action via various projects such as an energy efficiency cooperative and an ecological business network.

GROßSCHÖNAU, AUSTRIA | Großschönau’s SONNENWELT interactive exhibition (EN | DE)
SONNENWELT is an interactive exhibition run by the Sonnenplatz Großschönau Association, which motivates the old and young alike to get involved in climate action. “People and energy. Experience history. Shape the future".

HAGEN, GERMANY | Climate partnership –  A German city helps drives the Jamaican energy transition (EN | DE)
Hagen und Portmore (Jamaica) are working together to drive the Jamaican energy transition through mutual awareness raising, adult education, expert exchange, school partnerships and a Climate Change Park for Portmore.

KAINDORF, AUSTRIA | Kaindorf Eco-Region – Focal point on the humus formation project (DE)
Kaindorf’s Eco-Region is the product of three towns working together to reduce resource use, shift towards 100% renewables and improve humus. Three partner regions in Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia have also joined in.

KASSEL, GERMANY | Kassel works – together for a good climate (DE)
The “Kassel works” campaign encourages projects, initiatives and businesses to present their approaches for working "together for a good climate" and is thus building a network for citywide cooperation on climate action.

KREMS, AUSTRIA | Green City: The schools of Krems go green! (EN | DE)
Some 200 students are making the facades and roofs of their school buildings greener. This and an urban farming demo garden is making the benefits of such climate change adaptation strategies clear to residents of the whole city.

MAINZ, GERMANY | Energy retrofits in Mainz’s Lerchenberg neighbourhood (EN | DE)
Home owners and renters in Mainz’s Lerchenberg neighbourhood are being offered free consultations on energy retrofitting. The goal: to motivate residents to pursue economic and environmental retrofitting measures.

OFFENBACH, GERMANY | Mobility management in kindergartens and schools (EN | DE)
From seminars for teachers, mobility and project days as well as the annual Green Footprints campaign – Offenbach offers a wide variety of ways for children to get involved in climate action!

REGION OF LOWER AUSTRIA | Lower Austria’s climate and energy programme (EN | DE)
Lower Austria’s Climate and Energy Programme, consisting of over 30 departments, coordinates the region’s climate action activities. The sustained cooperation the programme supports allows for integrated responses to challenges.

SAARBRÜCKEN, GERMANY | 500 climate control stations in primary schools and kindergartens (EN | DE)
Simple climate control stations made of thermo-hygrometers on brightly designed plates make it easy to see when classrooms need some fresh air, introducing children and adults to environmental topics in a playful way.

TAMPERE, FINLAND | Joint action to accelerate energy efficiency refurbishments (EN)
Tampere is accelerating energy retrofitting by gathering stakeholders throughout the region to encourage high quality retrofits of apartment blocks and by demonstrating renovation towards nearly-zero energy levels.