Excursions at the 2016 Climate Alliance International Conference

Friday Tours

Excursion 1: Zwentendorf - The rebirth of a nuclear power plant that never plant that never went online

The Zwentendorf nuclear power plant

The Zwentdorf nuclear power plant, completed in the 70s, never went online. This was the result of a referendum that, along with the occupation of the Hainburg floodplain, would be remembered as a turning point in Austrian environmental policy. In 2010, the plant was opened to the public. As the plant was left in its original condition, the tour allowed participants to travel back in time to the 1970s. Today, however, the grounds are producing electricity with solar panels.

Excursion 2: Ober-Grafendorf - A small town shows how it is instilling a culture of climate action

The town of Ober-Grafendorf

Ober-Grafendorf is a frontrunner when it comes to climate action. This tour, presented by Mayor Rainer Handlfinger, showed successful local initiatives  ranging from a water-vortex power station to an “eco” street and from bee protection to a communal, pick-it-yourself farm. Local representatives were invited to gather inspiration for their own work from this exciting tour.

Excursion 3: Passive House - A tour of the most energy efficient buildings in the Krems region

Passive House municipal building in and around Krems

Buildings are responsible for 40% of all CO2 emissions. They offer huge potential for the cost-effective reduction of energy. In addition to making a substantial contribution to climate protection, Passive House offers municipalities cost savings throughout a building’s use as well as higher levels of comfort. The State of Lower Austria, for example, has committed to constructing all of its public buildings to the Passive House Standard. This tour showed an array municipal building types with examples of both new builds and retrofits, allowing participants to talk directly with building users and their architects. 

Saturday Tours

River cruise from Krems to Spitz

River cruise

Enjoy a scenic 1.5 hour ride upstream from Krems to Spitz with the views of Dürnstein, Weißenkirchen, the fortified church of St. Michael and remarkable wine terraces. Make your way back home by bicycle or bus.  

Wine discovery tour with wine tasting

Wine discovery tour with wine tasting

Enjoy wine from Krems at ist best and experience wine with all your senses. Find out about its origin, history, culture – and most of all its taste. The tour came with three wine samples and one bread roll.