Understanding and projecting the energy demand of the residential sector

Energy system models (ESMs) help energy experts to predict and describe long-term impacts of energy systems. While ESMs have yielded useful results on energy supply, there is a lack of accuracy in simulating the residential sector as the diversity of dwellings produces a broad spectrum of consumption patterns.

To address this issue, the EU-funded project "WHY" will implement casual modelling to quantitatively analyse people’s everyday decisions regarding energy consumption and their reactions to interventions. This will result in innovative methodologies for short- and long-term load forecasting which will be benchmarked in different use cases ranging from microgrid size to international contexts. The project will provide greater insight into household energy consumption and improve energy demand modelling in leading ESMs.

Within the project, Climate Alliance is responsible for communication and dissemination of the results and is active in the field of stakeholder engagement.

Project funding period: September 2020 – August 2023
via Horizon 2020 (EU)

Want to learn more? Contact Eva Suba at e.suba(at)climatealliance.org 

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