A social response to global water issues

Water is crucial to almost every aspect of our lives and municipalities take on a special role in its management. POWER addresses water related issues with an emphasis on knowledge and experience sharing amongst local authorities in the EU and beyond. In so doing, it focuses on challenges concerning water consumption, water quality, extreme weather events, flood risk and water conservation. The goal: to create a tool for EU water policy. Within POWER, a prototype for a sharing platform will be developed and piloted in Milton Keynes (UK), Sabadell (ES), Leicester (UK) and Jerusalem (IL). The experience of these four key demonstration cities, each with very different water issues, will be gathered and built upon in “follower” cities. Among these followers are members of EIP Water Action Group City Blueprints, members of NetwercH2O, and cities that have already produced a CITY BLUEPRINT.

The POWER project foster networking between municipalities transnationally. It will facilitate community involvement on water issues with an eye to social value, scalability, transferability, society empowerment and motivation to act. The project results will hopefully influence related policy planning and decisions, offering an innovative and effective open source solution for regions, cities and residents.

Project funding period: December 2015 – November 2019
via Horizon 2020 (EU)

Want to learn more? Contact Wolfgang Hofstetter at w.hofstetter(at)climatealliance.org


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