NetZeroCities (NZC)

Towards climate neutral European cities by 2030

Municipalities have known for a long time that they are and will be playing the leading role in achieving the climate targets and goals set within the international and especially the European policy landscape. At the core of those efforts stands decarbonisation, which is crucial for the well-being of the European community and the planet. The NetZeroCities project responds to essential needs articulated by cities and similar local and regional communities in achieving those high ambitions.

Via NZC, Climate Alliance is helping an initial cohort of 30 Pilot Cities to achieve climate neutrality by 2030 and the second cohort of up to 90 Twin Cities to get on track for 2045. Therefore, Climate Alliance is involved primarily in the activities relating to innovative financing and designing the Twin Cities process. Additionally, we aim to provide our members with insights on the support tools and mechanisms developed within the framework of the project. There is a specific focus on citizen and urban stakeholder engagement, social innovation and systemic transformation. For the cities and practitioners joining the project as beneficiaries, NZC will develop a specialised digital one-stop-shop platform. This platform will offer, among others, collaboration spaces, a knowledge depository and specialised staff that supports cities in all aspects of their net-zero-journey. In the long-term, this powerful tool shall be offered to all cities engaging in this effort.

NetZeroCities contributes to delivering the EU’s Mission of “100 Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities”. This so-called Cities Mission aims to propel 100 cities across Europe, which are already on their way to climate neutrality by 2030, through concrete assistance measures. These cities can join NZC through the different calls for cities and will also be offered a specific accommodation within the NZC platform.

Project funding period: October 2021 – September 2025
via  the European Commission under the  Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme in support of  European Union’s Green Deal.

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