European City Facility

Supporting European cties in unlocking financing for sustainable energy

Time has come to unlock cities' potential to build comprehensive sustainable energy investment concepts and to bundle the many small projects into large investment portfolios.

The new European City Facility (EUCF) provides hands-on expertise and simplified financial aid (up to €60,000) as well as capacity building and peer-to peer support to municipalities to enable the development of sound investment packages and mobilise finance. EUCF will:

  • provide technical and financial support to cities to deliver credible and scalable investment concepts, which will trigger more than 320 million euros of public and private investment.
  • build the capacity of public authority staff members to develop substantial project pipelines, in order to facilitate the implementation of investment concepts via innovative financing mechanisms.
  • facilitate access, especially for small and medium-sized municipalities, to private finance, EU funding streams and similar facilities, as well as advisory services to help implementing and amplifying the expected investments.
  • showcase beneficiaries' successful investment concepts to encourage replication and to catalyse further action across European cities.

In the EUCF, Climate Alliance is working with adelphi, Enviros and FEDARENE within a consortium led by Energy Cities. Climate Alliance leads the overall project communication and supports cities and municipalities in establishing contacts with relevant players of the financial market.

Project funding period: August 2019 – October 2027
via Horizon 2020 (EU)

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