Connecting China and Europe on sustainable urbanisation

Chinese cities are growing rapidly. By linking up with European cities on the topic of sustainable urbanisation, they and the global climate stand to benefit. EC-Link seeks to assist Chinese cities in adopting energy and resource efficient solutions by facilitating the exchange of experiences on sustainable urbanisation with European municipalities.

The project stands as a key pillar of the EU-China Partnership on Sustainable Urbanisation, signed by the European Commission and the Chinese government in May 2012. By supporting new solutions to reduce the energy consumption of buildings in China, EC-Link directly contributes to the sustainable urban development of the world’s most populous country. City networking, knowledge-sharing and dissemination are at the core of EC-Link. Underlying this is a bilingual knowledge platform that will help municipal decision-makers to develop better solutions for their individual challenges.

Climate Alliance has been involved in setting up this platform and is helping to fill it with best practice examples from across Europe; the result will not only help Chinese cities but bring added value to Climate Alliance member municipalities through the sharing of best practice.

Project funding period: October 2013 – September 2020
Co-funded by the Directorate General for International Cooperation and Development of the European Union

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