e-Mobility Smart Grid for passengers and last mile freight transport in the Alpine Space

One of the main obstacles to the large-scale introduction of e-vehicles in Local Public Transport (LPT) and Last-Mile Freight Logistic (LML) are the limitations of the local network infrastructure. The current network of electric charging stations in the Alpine region is insufficient to meet the higher energy demand for LPT and LML. In order to avoid load peaks and to not endanger the operation of other electrical systems, an intelligent and electronic load management is necessary. This requires standards and norms for testing and validating the systems, guaranteeing grid stability and dynamic charging, and uniform communication models. The Interreg Alpine Space project e-SMART aims to achieve this by fostering transnational cooperation among public and private actors for an integrated approach to electric vehicle charging infrastructure planning and e-mobility services development. Climate Alliance leads the overall project communication.

e-SMART will activate cooperation among public authorities and e-mobility and ener-gy operators through Smart Living Labs on all levels of governance. It will lead, through a Smart Mobility Road Map for Alpine Space decision makers on inter-municipal level, to a common approach in development of e-mobility services in LPT &  LML and in planning of an adequate electric-vehicle charging-system network for entire Alpine region. The project will design and test a set of transnational operational instruments for public and private technicians to plan e-mobility infrastructure and services in passengers and freight transports in the framework of smart grid and smart territories: a Smart Energy Toolkit.

Project funding period: October 2019 – May 2022
via the European Regional Development Fund through the Interreg Alpine Space Programme. The total project budget amounts to € 2.53 million; application for ERDF funding amounts to € 2.15 million.

Want to learn more? Contact Felix Platz at f.platz(at)climatealliance.org

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