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The CONNECTING Nature project aims to strengthen the policy and practices necessary to scale up urban resilience, innovation and governance via nature-based solutions. The project brings 29 partners from 16 European countries together including representatives from local authorities, industry, NGOs and academia. Through Connecting Nature, 11 European cities will invest in multi-million euro efforts to test nature based solutions on a large scale. The project will measure the impact of this approach on climate change adaptation, health and well-being, social cohesion and sustainable economic development. Innovative efforts to encourage start-ups centring on nature-based solutions as well as to promote the growth of commercial and social enterprises working on such solutions will be an integral part of the work.

Within the project, Climate Alliance supports communication work as well as a strategy to inform city developers, policy makers and investors of nature-based solutions. This includes an annual, high profile, CONNECTING “Policy Lab & Expo” event, which will serve to stimulate interaction between the various stakeholders with the help of the Quintuple Helix approach.

Project funding period: June 2017 – May 2022
Horizon 2020 (EU)

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