Climate-friendly investments - municipal divestment and re-investment

Focusing on the investment strategies of independent cities

Three quarters of the independent cities in Germany are members of Climate Alliance and play a significant role in municipal climate protection. Climate protection, however, does not only concern the topics of energy, mobility, lifestyle choices and consumption. There is also an interplay between climate protection and the financial sector. Local authorities are also investors, yet the redirection of existing municipal investments has so far hardly been perceived as an innovative strategy for climate protection. The aim of the Divest and Re-Investment project with and in German cities is thus to bring attention to this area. In this way, municipalities can act both to protect the climate and to meet their fiduciary responsibilities. In this project, Climate Alliance communicates directly with the municipalities, facilitates exchange with local representatives and supports the project partners in their respective tasks.

Project funding period: January 2018 - November 2020
via the German National Climate Protection Initiative (BMUB)

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